Valence Mission Critical Technologies is your full-service communications equipment provider.



Michael founded the company in mid-2002 under the premise that a company could maintain "small business" dedication to high quality customer service while offering "large company" capabilities, product-offerings, and exemplary service. Combined with a strong desire to provide alternatives to the then somewhat limited communications vendors list, Valence Wireless & Communications was formed. Michael was trained in the electronics and communications fields in the U.S. Navy where he worked on Comm, Radar and Commercial Land Mobile Radio equipment. After leaving the service, he worked for two Spokane-based Motorola Shops where he furthered his knowledge and experience in this industry. Michael is responsible for most high-level business functions as well as managing the technical and operational sides of the company.



Kevin has been with the company since 2003. He is a graduate of ITT Technical Institute in Oregon. He has Bachelor's Degrees in Electronics Engineering and Robotics Manufacturing. He is a highly-skilled technician and talented installer. Kevin is one of our senior technicians and tower climbers. He is also tower-trainer certified. He has played a fundamental role in nearly all of our large communications projects to date and goes above and beyond for all of our clients. Kevin is adept at improvising and adapting to ever-changing conditions and thinking "outside the box". He has an excellent ability to visualize the expected outcome and then create the steps to reach that goal. Kevin's work ethic and dedication to achieving a better-than-expected result for the customer has been proven time and again.



Tom joined Valence in 2005. Prior to coming on board, Tom worked in sales management at two other communications companies in Spokane. Tom has around three decades of industry experience in the Land Mobile and Communications sectors. His knowledge and experience have contributed to the success of many of our customer's projects. Tom takes pride in taking care of the client and providing excellent customer service. Tom handles our rental department as well.



Sarah is the Office Manager for Valence. Her past work experience includes being a member of the HR Department at Spokane Teachers Credit Union, and prior to that, hospital administration at Sacred Heart. Sarah assists with managing the day to day operations, invoicing, payroll and provides valuable support for the technical and sales staff members. She is always happy to assist our customers with a positive attitude and friendly demeanor!



Rory joined our staff in November 2010. Rory brings with her an avid desire to learn, attention to detail and a strong organizational ability. Rory's prior experience includes managing a small business location, supply requisitioning, overseeing other staff members as well as customer service. At Valence, Rory is responsible for answering all incoming phone traffic, sales staff support, invoicing, shipping and receiving as well as other mission-critical functions. Rory also works closely with the Office Manager and company management in support of other important administrative functions. She has a positive disposition and enjoys interacting with our customers.



Jake Deakins is new to our industry and recently decided to embark on a new career in communications and electronics. He is the oldest son of Michael Deakins who is the founder and President of Valence. Jake recently completed a course of electronics study through CIE (Cleveland Institute of Electronics) which is one of the oldest and most established institutions for the remote study of technology in the country. He is in the process of becoming tower-climbing certified and has already been very instrumental in some of the larger and more recent projects Valence has completed. Jake’s previous experience includes 5 years of being a caretaker and manager for the Lighthouse International organization which provides care and oversight for at-risk boys who are wards of the State. This role taught him the core values and principles of patience, attention-to-detail and conflict-resolution. Jake is enthusiastic and is looking forward to developing his skills, abilities and education in our technologically advanced industry!