Valence Mission Critical Technologies is your full-service communications equipment provider.



Prior to his endeavors in the private sector, Michael was an Electronics Technician for the US Navy where he graduated in the top three of his class. His first duty station, NAS Lemoore, was where he was first exposed to Land Mobile Radio and Motorola communications equipment. After leaving the military, he worked for two different Motorola Service Shops before starting Valence with the goal and intent of improving regional support and technical expertise for the PNW.

Michael is responsible for the overall operations of the company, the creative and high-level administrative tasks, as well as the role of oversight and management of complex projects, especially 9-1-1 Telephony and Radio Dispatch Consoles. Michael is a Certified Electronics Technician through the Electronics Technician Association International and has over 34 years of experience in the industry. He is also a certified tower climber.



Sarah is responsible for handling accounts payable/receivables to all employee related tasks. She has 18 years of experience in the industry from the administrative side and works to ensure the smooth daily operation of the office. Sarah previously worked in Human Resources for Spokane Teacher’s Credit Union and on the administrative side at Sacred Heart Medical Center hospital prior to that. Sarah and other support personnel work closely together to back up the sales and technical staff and to ensure our customers receive prompt and timely responses to their billing and administrative concerns. Sarah enjoys interacting with our clientele and is always eager to assist. 



Ben comes to Valence with decade’s long experience working in the healthcare sector in varying clinical, operational, and sales roles.  In his most recent work experience, Ben led a 30-member team as Vice President of Sales for the North American subsidiary of a global dental implant manufacturer.  This encompassed all sales, marketing, and business development responsibilities for the organization.  Ben was locally educated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology (minor chemistry) from Eastern Washington University, and a Master of Business Administration from Whitworth University.   With this breadth of business and educational experience, Ben looks forward to working with Valence on exciting growth and development projects which will further the mission of Valence to best serve its customers in the demanding field of mission critical technology.



Preston brought his numerous skills and capabilities to Valence’s arsenal in 2019. Preston’s ability to manage work quickly and accurately on various types of projects is second to none. Preston has excellent organizational and project-management skills. He manages Valence’s rental and demo fleet of equipment for the company. He completed an electronics course through CIE after coming on board. Preston is a quick study and has adapted to our rapidly-changing environment and the plethora of new technologies and equipment. Preston works with numerous vendors on putting together the best technical solutions for our clients.



Rory joined our staff in November 2010. With nearly 13 years in our industry under her belt, she still brings an avid desire to learn, attention to detail and a strong organizational ability. Rory's prior experience includes managing a small business location, supply requisitioning, overseeing other staff members as well as customer service. At Valence, Rory is responsible for service and sales staff support, invoicing, purchasing, scheduling and supporting other mission-critical functions. Rory also works closely with the Office Manager and company management in support of other important administrative functions. She has a positive disposition and enjoys interacting with our customers.



Jake is the oldest son of Michael and brings over 5 years of people-management experience to Valence. Since joining Valence in 2018, he has completed an electronics certification course through the Cleveland Institute of Electronics as well as a Communications Technician course through Phase 4 Design, which administers training to the US Fish and Wildlife and US Forest Service technicians. Jake is our lead technician for vehicle up-fitting and tower work. In addition, he has participated in numerous large projects including a turn-key radio system for a large utility client and radio command and control projects for several counties. He is a certified tower trainer and was the main “on-tower” lead on dozens of tower projects in 2019.


Dave Stratton


David joined our team in 2021 after working as a phone and network technician for a company specializing in DSL and fiber optics. Prior to that, he was a Commercial Electrician with the IBEW from 2017 to 2020. He served in the Army National Guard as a chemical soldier and electrician for 8 years from 2011 to 2019 and served one tour of duty in Iraq. He graduated with honors from both the Army Chemical School and the National Guard’s Engineer School and became certified as an electrician for the U.S. Army. David completed coursework at Washington State University in Pullman, WA for a BS in Pre-Med with a minor in Chemistry. David’s real-world and military experience provides an excellent basis for his support of Valence’s mission-critical clientele and has allowed him to ramp up quickly in our constantly-evolving and technical field. Dave is also a certified tower climber.

Brian Romero


Brian came to Valence MCT from an adjacent and applicable communications field.  With a formal education in multimedia and PC programing from Eastern Washington University, as well as many years working as a Master Control Operator at local television networks, including electronics repair specializing in LED malfunction, Brian is excited to deploy his skills in the mission critical arena.  Brian has a positive and customer centric attitude which heightens the skills he possesses and which he continues to expand.