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Mobile Data is the area concerned with providing access to valuable information resources from variable or in-vehicle locations when away from the office or agency. Whether this is accomplished via LTE, Wi-Fi or other wireless protocols, the result is the same: increased efficiency, safety, productivity, access to data and its timely processing for personnel in the field. Mobile Data Terminals can be connected to ruggedized computers, GPS (geo-location) services, printers, a variety of productivity and software suites as well as in-car video, audio recording and other devices and databases. Law Enforcement can access DMV records, criminal complaints, occupant information for business and residences and a variety of other information that needs to be timely and available when it is needed. Emergency Services personnel can access video feeds from the scene of a fire, drone footage, building floor plans and a myriad of other data in order to ensure the safety of both the responders and the people who are being helped. Information is power and mobile data gives the people who need it the most ready access when called upon. Please call us with questions or to discuss how mobile data can increase your agency’s readiness and safety.