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In our modern world, video cameras are ubiquitous and everywhere around us. They play an important role in keeping thieves at bay, our children safe, our highways and roads hazard-free and even allow us to check on the dog while we are at the office! That said, not all cameras and video surveillance systems are created equal. Valence only selects manufacturers and products that have been proven as environmentally robust, time-tested and built with quality assurances that are missing on many of the product offerings out there today. Our philosophy is that in this arena, quality matters most of all and translates into better product longevity, video clarity, reliability, storage capacity and overall customer satisfaction. One of our partners is OpenEye which is based here in Eastern-Washington and who has a reputation for product and service excellence that is difficult to find sometimes in this field. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with product selection and implementation.